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We’ve got something on tap for just about everyone’s palate!

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We're Now Cat Friendly!

Meet Our New Brew Master: CAT WIEST

She is getting creative with our rotating taps! Come in to taste her newest concoction!


All of our carefully handcrafted, brewery fresh ales are made using only water, malt, yeast, and hops.


In addition to our regular brews, we have 3 to 5 other world-class beers available at any given time. Our Brew Master, Cat Wiest, is always busy concocting lots of fun new recipes. We’ve got something on tap for just about everyone’s palate! Pop in for a taste of our latest experimental beers, right meow!

Pelican Pale:

This is a longtime local favorite. A simple grain bill is combined with “The Three C’s” (Chinook, Cascade, Centennial) for a craft classic. It’s popular year round, so if you’re not sure where to start – start here! IBU: 27 ABV: 5%

Seabright Amber:

A full bodied ale crafted with caramel malts for a rich copper color and subtle toffee notes. Gently hopped with cascade for a perfect balance with just the right amount of bite. IBU: 42 ABV: 5%

The Blur:

This is a traditional Pacific Northwest India Pale Ale. The O.G., if you will. The malt bill is clean and the hop schedule is well planned out for a good kick. Experience The Blur! IBU: 65 ABV: 7.4%

Oatmeal Stout:

This silky sweet stout has a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee flavors. Our “winningest” beer (take a look at all the medals in our doorway). Drink one down and see what all the fuss is about. IBU: 18 ABV: 6%

Sacrilicious Ale:

We desecrated traditional malty red ales by adding a sinful amount of Colombus Hops in the fermenter. The dark crystal malts balance out the pungent nose on this beer. The vatican did not approve of this recipe, but we’re reaching for a higher power… YOU!!! ABV: 6.8%

Two Rivers Cider:

European style hard cider made from real fruit right here in Northern California. Ask your server what flavors we have on tap. ABV: 5.5%

Pilsner Urquell:

A nice light, crisp lager brewed in the Czech Republic, since 1842. ABV: 4.4%

Non-Alcoholic Beer:

Coors Cutter. $3.50/bottle


Ask your server for a taster!
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